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Cloud & Platform Modernization


Turbocharge your digital journey by transforming your legacy apps
Cloud & Platform Modernization


Turbocharge your digital journey by transforming your legacy apps

iVedha offers simple and elegant solutions that transform and streamline legacy applications and infrastructure at speed and scale

Organizations are under intense pressure today to modernize their business applications in the cloud to increase their agility, accelerate time to market, reduce costs and, in some cases, reinvent the way they do business. And it’s not just startups and market innovators. Nearly every business will need to embrace the cloud and modernize legacy applications to compete in the future.

What We Do

Transform legacy applications for the digital age

iVedha’s application modernization offerings enable enterprises to increase business agility and resilience with scalable cloud-native applications.

We help development teams lay the foundation for cloud-native architecture with a continuous delivery model that modernizes complex legacy systems. Our all-in-one services include cloud enablement, industry-specific development solutions, ongoing application management, and continuous improvement to equip businesses to

Drive shorter release cycles and faster time-to-market for new digital offerings
Overcome organizational cultural barriers to increase cloud-native adoption
Better position themselves to adjust to the continuously changing needs of the business

We Support a Variety of Use Cases


iVedha’s enables development teams to leverage the full power of public cloud with minimum changes to applications by adopting cloud-native services as replacements for data, streaming, API management, logging, monitoring, and alerting. iVedha’s also helps with re-architecting — migrating from monolithic to Micro services (or server less) architecture to boost agility and improve business continuity.


iVedha’s equips delivery teams to build responsive, resilient, self-healing, secure and auto-scalable server less applications, without worrying about capacity planning and monitoring. By leveraging the managed concurrency and routing provided by the public cloud, we enable applications to, Scale seamlessly through unpredictable traffic and remain resilient in the face of unexpected failures. Reduce costs during idle time.

Container Adoption

When server less isn’t an option, iVedha’s leverages containers to deploy modern, complex, distributed applications. Containers typically require minimal changes to applications, making them an ideal next stage for applications not appropriate for major refactoring. And containers deliver multiple benefits, including

Reduced complexity and scale by leveraging the advantages of the container ecosystem and orchestration frameworks such as Kubernetes and ECS

Increased application portability and improved developer workflows by creating isolated sandboxes for each component.


iVedha’s can “lift and shift” a part of an MiM application or the complete application from on premise or existing cloud environment to public cloud with no changes to the application. This provides several advantages:

Reduced cost and faster go-to-market.

Increased elasticity, higher availability, scalability and reliability.

Continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous testing.

Increased infrastructure automation.

Our Methodology

How We Do It

Our cloud strategy engagements involve a two-step process

Step 1

Discovery & Solution Ideation

4 Weeks

Technical discovery and future state planning technical discovery, business requirements, mind map the requirements with digitalization journey, risk assessment, maturity assessment.

Step 2

Iterative Delivery

10-12 Weeks

This step includes two-week sprints, demos, and checkpoints. It also includes future-state technical design documentation and checkpoints.

During this step, Infostretch builds automation pipelines for deploying solutions; deploys pilot services via pipeline to lower environments; tests app functionality, performance, and security before promoting to production; and conducts knowledge transfer of the completed solution. During this phase, Infostretch collects necessary data and quantifies the overall application charter. Infostretch then employs the best DevOps practices and starts the redevelopment/refactoring/rehosting/rearchitecting. Finally, Infostretch performs cost reduction analysis, efficiency analysis, and other industry-standard measurements.

Why iVedha

Seasoned Solution Architects experienced in multiple cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, and GCP) who can advise on customer cloud journey, design, and deploy enterprise solutions in the cloud for both large Fortune 500 enterprises and fast-growing SMBs

With hands-on experience designing, building, migrating, and optimizing architectures that follow the AWS Well-Architected Framework

To speed development and reduce risk

Using Agile methodologies, Well-architected Framework, and clean code practices best suited for cloud technologies. This enables the full benefits of modern-age computing power, high scalability, high reliability, security and cost-effectiveness

In scaled-agile process, continuous integration and insight, single-click coded CI/CD pipelines and scalable data engineering solutions

Making development environment management and maintenance easier and more cost effective

Auto-scaled compute platforms for micro service applications
Dedicated tool for overcoming max connection issues when using AWS-RDS with Lambda
Auto Scaled workers for AWS-SQS
Cognito federated identity FB/Gmail/Custom/User Pool/SAML
Fast Data Grid to transfer, access and accelerate extremely large amounts of distributed data

Our expertise with the latest platforms & tools

iVedha’s has experience with the leading tools, and platforms remain to foster an unbiased approach to Application Modernization. We can help you take full advantage of these tools and platforms to maximize your ROI with them

The Outcomes We Deliver

iVedha’s Application Modernization services deliver significant business advantages


Faster time-to-market and increased release velocity


Unique use experiences with higher quality due to minimal production code with defects

Operational Efficiency

Reduced support needs by eliminating technical debt


Flexibility to create new features and services that align with current business needs and future goals; resulting in additional revenue streams