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Security Operations

Ensure security & compliance across your code base, data, and cloud presence.

SecOps delivers seamless collaboration between IT Security and IT Operations to effectively mitigate your risk. iVedha SecOps solutions enable your teams to prioritise and remediate vulnerabilities, and then to systematically address compliance violations through an integrated and automated approach across your entire presence.

Traditional approaches to security and compliance often fail in multi-cloud environments, and worse, are often ignored in the race to continuously deliver new applications and products features. iVedha SecOps and Cybersecurity packages allow you to focus on your core business and reduce risk and cost.

Operational Intelligence

Make security actionable with regular vulnerability assessments enriched by operational data to prioritise threats based on the impact within your specific operating environments.

With our Machine Learning based approach, we combine security and operations to provide accurate and actionable analysis, enabling you to identify risks.

Tiered Remediation

iVedha SecOps provide a tiered approach to remediation based on policies and AI which consider severity, environment, process, and application impact. This approach drives consistency, scalability, and flexibility. Through Machine Learning our methods consider the application, the process, and the severity of the issue to enable the most effective approach.

Monitoring & Alerting

The iVedha team provides the full cycle of system discovery, monitoring, remediation, and integrated change control, providing continuous compliance and monitoring. Achieve security and compliance by leveraging policies, Machine Learning, and best practices.