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Know. Share. Grow.

iVedha’s strength is its vision, adaptability and forward-thinking attitude. In 2015, we refocused our business because we knew our clients would face a massive technological shift towards transformative/disruptive technologies in the next decade. Over the last two years, iVedha has built its new technology practices with investment and lessons learned from hands-on, real-life projects, R&D, innovation and training.

Our Focus

Automation! Automation!


API-first Design Strategy

Microservices Strategy

Our Services


CI/CD Culture

Application Modernization

Microservice, Cloud Architecture &


Cloud Security & Compliance

Operational Modernization

AIOps & ChatOps

Network Modernization

Software-defined Networks

Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure as Code

API Management

Privacy, Security, Compliance & Monetization

Site Reliability Engineering

Managed Kubernetes, Chaos Engineering & Observability


Cloud Cost Optimization

Grow your professional network with iVedha Connect

A robust and trusted network of talent to maintain lifelong professional relationships.

As a true professional, you are excellent at your work. At the top echelon of your career, you have all the certifications. While your skills and experience may have prepared you to do a specific job, it’s your network that opens up opportunities. You need a network to help you achieve your career goals.

Join iVedha Connect. Now!

Networks do not exist in a vacuum. Share your time, talent
and connections with people outside your generic network.
Monetize them to your advantage. Find partners and
connections from an ecosystem that’s aligned with your
organization’s purpose.

Get started with iVedha Connect.

The iVedha Connect Advantage

Become a part of an ecosystem that is focused and evolving towards the demands of cloud-oriented, automation-driven consumption and delivery – DevOps, SRE, Softwaredefined Networking, Infrastructure Modernization, Application Modernization and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.
Access opportunities & scale up your consulting business by contributing to PoCs, proposals, or actual projects, Become a preferred consultant based on your availability, location and/or skill sets.
Enhance your skills by regularly interacting with your peers via hackathons, webinars, meetings, forums and contests.
Get complete access to the iVedha Labs’ infrastructure sandbox. Gain real, practical, handson experience in newer technologies.

Showcase your skills to discover the speaker, mentor, coach, or even the writer within you. Use iVedha Connect to showcase your skills across the world. We will help you create videos, presentations, blogs, articles, white papers – everything that today’s technology ecosystems demand.

Monetize your assets such as your knowledge, your real-life experience, and even your certifications and designations. We will show you how you convert assets into revenue. When your professional certifications assist us in getting higher vendor partnership levels or new projects – we will compensate you for the assistance and association.
Monetize your time spent on small side projects, take charge of a specific deliverable, register yourself as a teacher/ mentor, or just help us in doing technical assessments such as interviews – we are hiring all across the world!
Monetize your connections by feeding us a steady stream of referrals – recruits, opportunities and more that are aligned to iVedha’s and your objectives. For every successful talent/resource you refer, you get a guaranteed percentage of the revenue for the length of the contract. Just like CI/CD, we call this Continuous Monetization

The iVedha Connect Advantage, now!

What’s in it for us?

Brand Prestige

By building an ecosystem of top-notch talent and skills such as yourself, iVedha gets brand recogni on and pres ge.

High-Quality Resources

iVedha Connect will feed a steady stream of referrals aligned to our objec ves, which translates to be er project delivery and quality.


As you scale yourself, iVedha benefits from the security of having an on-demand partner network to scale and expand its service delivery across the world.

iVedha Connect

Our online platform enables you to connect, engage, collaborate, hear about events, job opportunities and extend your professional network. Let’s discuss how you can be a part of iVedha Connect. Give us your details and we will onboard you

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