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Pole Vaulting
You to The Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

Maximize Agility & Performance

For an edge in today’s business environment, you definitely need the security of a private cloud and the flexibility of a public cloud. Building a cloud solution that gives you the best of both worlds requires creative thinking and expertise.
Work with our experts to build a cloud solution that is scalable, cost-effective and secure, giving you the turbo speed advantage as you hit the market.

What We Offer

Adoption &
Deployment Strategy


Migration & Container


Monitoring & Cost


Private Cloud


Security Management
& Governance

Disaster Avoidance &
Business Continuity


Ready to start your journey to the cloud?

Our Cloud Partners

App Modernisation

Refurbish Quickly, Scale up Swiftly

Our modernization strategy is designed to protect your investment and rejuvenate your applications to give them a fresh lease of life. Allow our solution architects to assess your existing applications and design a refurbished version.

Containers, Kubernetes,
Microservices & all that Jazz

We understand that moving from outdated applications that run on their own or in conjunction with other similar applications are often showstoppers in progressive innovation. Cloud Experts at iVedha help you move to the cloud with ease.

The iVedha App Modernisation Methodology

Monolith. Legacy. Dated. Move over!

We’re bringing on better applications for your business. Start with App Modernisation now!

Public Cloud

Unlimited Possibilities

SaaS, Paas or IaaS, scale your business without the constraints of an on-premises data center. Leverage all the benefits of a public cloud and continue to protect your budget from high investments. Our solution experts will design the ideal solution that will help you grow.

Why Choose Public Cloud?

• No hardware or software investments
• Easy to maintain and update
• Enhanced Security
• Simple Pricing Models

Exploring public cloud providers, but feeling lost?

We can help assess your needs and offer a relevant solution

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Zero Downtime, Increased Efficiency

Managing cloud infrastructure can result in high costs and take away the focus from your core business functions. We can manage your cloud infrastructure and provide multi-fold benefits to your business: greater availability, uptime and reduced costs.

What We Offer

• Configuration Management
• Multi-Cloud Orchestration
• Infrastructure-as-a-Code

Move your hardware, storage and network infrastructure to the cloud

Explore the advantages of cloud infrastructure


Greater Flexibility, Better Outcomes

Leverage the ultimate bandwidth provided by the microservices architecture approach. Moving away from the monolithic model allows you to update code faster, develop components using different languages along with the flexibility to work on individual components.

Advantages of Microservices

Microservices are the way forward

Futuristic applications need to run at the speed of your customer’s expectations