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Managed Services

Better ROI. Optimized Resources. Exponential Growth.

Our managed services aim at offering your business the right resources to keep a tight tab on operation-intensive tasks. With iVedha’s Managed Services, you can relook at your resource planning and free up core IT talent to focus on strategic projects that impact overall business growth. By doing so, not only do you get the advantage of professional, 24/7 management of your IT, you also obtain the flexibility of a variety of pricing models.

Our Managed Services Portfolio

We offer a rich range of managed services to enterprises and organizations looking at taking their cloud journey to the next level. From delivering a great inter-organizational experience to transforming how your end-customers perceive your business, a good IT managed services strategy can take you a long way.

Cloud Managed Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

iVedha’s technology experts can help you effectively manage your AWS infrastructure. Our team is always on top of the latest developments in AWS Services. With a deep understanding of configuration management, cloud management in varied environments, systems optimization and maintaining compliance, iVedha can help you keep your AWS ecosystems in shipshape.

Microsoft Azure

As a recognized Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, iVedha offers a 360-degree approach to managed services. We specialize in managed cloud environments for Microsoft Azure. We offer a comprehensive set of services that include and go beyond configuration, monitoring, certification, backups, audits and over all support between the business and Microsoft.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Organizations are leveraging the power of GCP to manage their growing need for scale, flexibility and reliability. At iVedha, we can help build a robust GCP strategy to drive end-to-end infrastructure, databases and more – all in keeping with the SLAs that your business defines. Whether it is network, storage, security, AI or Big Data – our GCP Managed Services teams have all the expertise to responsibly manage your business.

Cloud-first SD WAN Services

Businesses are moving from traditional WAN infrastructures to more robust yet flexible SD WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Networking) solutions. With more and more organizations adopting hybrid cloud environments, it is essential to invest in SD WAN solutions that offer more application-aware, virtual networking capabilities. SD WAN is the best choice for businesses looking to centralize cloud-based controls across the organization. At iVedha, we can help assess, define and build the perfect SD WAN system to enhance enterprise-level cloud connectivity.

Leverage the power of iVedha's Managed Services Portfolio to unleash the potential of your resources, infrastructure and IT systems in a single masterstroke

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