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Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics

Identify, Assess, Protect, & Monitor.

Our trained and certified Cybersecurity specialists assist our clients with assessments, policy generation, technical training, compliance, incident response, and forensics.

Security Assessments

Our security assessments, once off or performed on a regular basis, includes a detailed review of your infrastructure, networking, software, processes, operations, and more.

Our team assist organizations achieve ISO 27001 compliance, attain PCI DSS certification, surpass OWASP, meet CIS standards, and can also ensure compliance with public policy for government organizations.

Penetration Testing

Key to your assurance program is testing for vulnerabilities and threats.

Our team can perform regular compliance scans or provide highly customised services with pen testing tools and methodologies that support a wide range of network devices, operating systems, databases, applications, and cloud/hybrid infrastructures.

We also enabled hundreds of test templates for compliance (including FFIEC, HIPAA, NERC, PCI, etc) and configuration auditing (for example CERT, CIS, COBIT/ITIL, DISA STIGs).

Threat & Risk Assessments

Our systematic methodology to identify security threats and risk to your assets will identify the most cost effective and practical security controls for mitigation.

Our consultants review your systems and processes, assess your internal and external risks, and then provide in-depth reporting and recommendations.

Code Reviews

We perform regular, detailed code reviews for organizations that understand their risks. From automated scans, static analysis, through to expert review, we handle Java, Python, Ruby, Go Lang, and more.

Architecture & Design

Your defence starts with a solid security architecture.

iVedha provides enterprise security architecture services for cloud, mobile, and APIs.

Incident Response

Our Cybersecurity Incident Response Team (CSIRT) are there for you when the worst happens. From handling recovery and assurance through to coordinated user and media handling.

We offer complete support and proactive management packages.

Digital Forensics

After an attack, our response and report team can identify root causes and what information was potentially exposed.

We can also assess the steps necessary to mitigate the damage including retrieval of lost data, identification of additional systems that may have been compromised and reporting to law enforcement.

Policy & Governance

We provide guidance and advice to decision makers and can structure a comprehensive Cybersecurity policy for your organisation.


From IDS/IPS through to simply securing Linux servers, our training team can have immediate impact on your organisation. We offer a range of customized courses including Digital Forensics and Incident Response.

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