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Accelerate your digital product and service initiatives


Accelerate your digital product and service initiatives

Accelerate Your Digital Journey


iVedha offers comprehensive DevOps services and expertise to put your digital initiatives to work. We embed quality into product development and continuously tune your test automation efforts

The Outcomes We Deliver

iVedha’s SRE services allow companies to turn their cloud infrastructure into competitive advantage

Continuous Delivery

Continuous Integration

Continuous Testing

Progressive Delivery

Continuous Monitoring

iVedha efforts need to be fast & flexible now more than ever

In the new digital age, DevOps has fundamentally changed how software dev and test teams interact to ensure more reliable and secure software. Most enterprises pursue DevOps initiatives to move faster and more flexibly in application development, testing, and QA. They are trying to compress release cycles and push changes to production faster.

To do this successfully, delivery organizations must integrate test/QA with development and operations, leverage Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery processes, and take advantage of analytics to make better decisions faster.



What we do plan & deploy DEVOPS based on digital maturity

Knowing what digital capabilities your organization currently has is essential to understanding where you need to go and which areas you need help. IiVedha digital maturity model evaluates how well companies have incorporated DevOps services into their operating models and how effectively they execute their digital initiatives.

iVedha’s can help with DevOps approaches, including benchmarking against a blueprint used by industry leaders; assessing across organizational, process, and technology perspectives; and developing a strategic roadmap to advance your organization’s DevOps maturity and effectiveness.

End-to-end DevOps Services

We support a variety of use cases

End-to-End DevOps Services

From strategy and planning through implementation and training services

Industry-Aligned Best Practices

Applying best practices in DevOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery

Continuous Investment & Innovation

A large pool of certified Jenkins experts, R&D investment, and dedicated labs

Our Methodology

How We Do It

Comprehensive DevOps Assessment and Action Planning

3 Phase DevOps Assessment Methodology – iVedha

Step 1

Project Kickoff​

Introduction to the DevOps maturity model, assessment criteria maturity levels and assessment methodology

Step 2

DevOps Assessment

Evaluation of current organizational structure, automation adoption, DevOps methodologies, infrastructure, tools integration, and other dimensions

Step 3

Analysis & Recommendations

Current DevOps maturity level analysis and recommendations on people, processes, tools, and frameworks

The DevOps Assessment provides specific recommendations and considerations to advance the maturity and effectiveness of your DevOps efforts. Key deliverables include:

Current-state Analysis Report

Objective assessment of where your DevOps efforts stand and how they compare to industry best practices and maturity levels today

Automation Implementation Plans

Specific recommendations for phased approaches to increase the use of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery processes that integrate your dev/test efforts to compress cycle time and deliver real ROI

Benchmarked Baseline

Assistance in tracking your progress and improvements against the DevOps maturity model and your specific organizational goals for an outcome-based approach

Expertise With The Latest Platforms & Tools

iVedha has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading mobile and frontend web development tools and languages. We can help you take full advantage to maximize your ROI.

Why iVedha

Our expertise in cloud and DevOps, iVedha brings deep technical knowledge, extensive experience, and certified engineers to deliver on your DevOps goals. We also have certified resources for Jenkins/Cloud bees, AWS, Kubernetes & Terraform

We have dedicated accelerators for Chaos Engineering, Progressive Delivery, Continuous Testing (DevSecOps implementation as part of Continuous Testing), Enterprise Continuous, Definition of Done, Integration Continuous Delivery, and Mobile CI/CD for faster time-to-value

Our engineers have been organized into cross-functional teams (Pods) to help accelerate digital delivery. These Pods benefit from our competency-based org structure (Service lines) which ensure standardization of knowledge repositories, best practices, knowledge assimilation, training and reskilling

The Outcomes We Deliver

iVedha DevOps services deliver significant business advantages

Business Agility

Drive business agility in the overall SDLC process through automation and centralized orchestration

Operational Efficiency

  • Reduce the human effort required for select SDLC processes by reducing Code-to-release lead time
  • Enhance Agile maturity through standardized operations and early defect detection

Customer Satisfaction

  • Strengthen customer-centricity and accelerate business outcomes while fostering innovation