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Shape. Build. Solve.


Helping enterprises deliver on
API-led modernization
Shape. Build. Solve.


Helping enterprises deliver on
API-led modernization

API Management As Service

Seamless API Management With The Latest Digital Technologies

iVedha’s bring a consultative approach and deep technical expertise to enable and facilitate your API journey. With our end-to-end services, we support your API life-cycle right from initiation to building and maintaining the API ecosystem. Through assessment of API maturity and maintainability, we provide actionable strategies, deliver services to deploy & implement business use cases with best practices, and increase the velocity of your execution.

API Management Services

Today’s innovative enterprises are adopting API architectures to accelerate growth. Streamline your work across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with a single place to manage all your APIs.

Strategy & Consulting

Successful API programs require a solid API strategy, tactical & executable plans and suitable tools and platforms. Our experts are there to recommend and chart the right path for you.

Platform Setup & Migration

Setting up an API platform, including governance and security, is important for your API journey. For your evolving business needs that require API platform setup or migration, leave the heavy lifting to us.

API Development

From API productization, to API discoverability through efficient cataloguing to solving specific needs, you are covered at every stage of the API journey.

Developer Portal Solutions

Our approach to developer portal delivers enhanced developer experience, which eventually leads to new revenue streams.

API Success

Whether it’s to improve operational efficiency through DevOps, or measure consumption patterns through analytics, or monitor availability & performance, we have got your back.

API Monetization

To build direct and indirect monetization models, you need to have the right APIs in place. We help you identify the right API candidates to achieve tangible outcomes.

Our Accelerators

Control how data and services are exposed to employees, partners, and customers by applying authentication, authorization, and usage limits.

API Quick Start
API Quick Start, our accelerator, enables you to fast-track your API journey on Apigee, with a ‘templatized’ approach. It helps you to reach process excellence through ready-to-use and extensible components that come with built-in best practices.

APIM Migration
Migrate API proxies, user accounts and associated data from APIGEE EDGE/On-prem platform to Apigee X with ease using our accelerator. API Migration, with its automated code and data level changes reduces the impact on API consumers and producers.

API Sandbox
Get early feedback, increase API adoption, and speed up application development by using our accelerator to allow your end users, both internal and external, to test your APIs. It is capable of providing mock sandboxes to simulate and experiment with your APIs.

Market your API products with EzDevportal – built on Drupal, which enhances your developer experience. It comes with best in class developer portal capabilities like, API documentation, product catalogues with advanced search, collaborative & inclusive API engagement and infinite extensibility that comes with Drupal.

Expertise With the Latest Platforms & Tools

iVedha’s has extensive, hands-on experience with the leading platforms and tools.

API Standards

A standardized approach will simplify and improve client experiences while maintaining security and reliability.

API Standards will help provide a baseline for creating improved and new services more quickly such as advanced information reporting and analytics. The focus will be off the foundational design of the API and onto the business need and approach for the customer-centric solutions.

Verifying account information before transaction processing can reduce fraud. Banks being able to communicate quickly and with less friction will mitigate risk and limit losses

A standardized API design and approach allows developers to easily implement new capabilities and deliver them more quickly. APIs also will provide a framework for information to flow more quickly and seamlessly supporting faster payment option such as Same Day ACH

Imagine the ability across a diverse set of stakeholders and technologies, a standardized suite of APIs to develop and implement capabilities such as a trace requests, transaction history lookup and acquiring payment status. For banks, this would shorten the overall project development lifecycle and improve time to market across client segments

Customer expectations across the financial services landscape continue to be influenced by payments being part of a broader experience like cunsumers experience when paying for coffee, a car service or buying music.

When payments are interoperable, they allow two or more infrastructures, platforms, and/or different products to interact seamlessly, enabling faster, more efficient, and transparent transactions across disparate systems.
Interoperability is significant because it permits customers to make payments in a convenient, affordable, seamless and secure manner.