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iVedha's offers end-to-end, application-focused, site reliability engineering services to ensure hyper-agility, high availability, zero disruption, and control over your cloud landscape.

The Challenge

As Cloud Becomes Ubiquitous, Effective Management Is Key

With the on-demand nature of cloud computing touching every aspect of our lives, the requirements for effective migration and integration become increasingly important.

More than 85% of companies will have a cloud-first attitude by 2025, according to Gartner. And the organizations that embrace cloud will have to take account of both the digital workloads they create and the operations they will serve.

Even more critical is that business leaders understand exactly what is required from cloud solutions, with availability, reliability, and customer engagement opportunities all part of the cloud puzzle. Simply put, a poorly managed cloud environment can impact not only time-to-market but also potential revenue, brand reputation and customer satisfaction. In today’s hypercompetitive marketplace, threats to any of these can be hard to overcome.

What We Do

Solving the site reliability challenges that cloud migration & integration bring

Our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) expertise has been honed over 18+ years. We employ the latest methodologies, accelerators and enablers, and other cloud-based tools to deliver end-to-end support, irrespective of industry sector or digital maturity. Our teams are comprised of highly skilled reliability engineers who help facilitate automation and system improvements. These teams ensure adoption of DevOps constructs without any knowledge transfer required of the client, operational readiness review and transition and proactively identify improvement areas and ensuring assurance on stability.

SRE functions are inevitably outcome-based. This requires a partner that can provide knowledge management, easy resource transition and team induction, and shield organizations from attrition and transition challenges. We ensure full transparency on incident summaries, self-service reporting and SLO-based joint decision-making powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and a strong data backbone. iVedha’s SRE services encompass the entire spectrum of cloud management.

Our SRE Services

iVedha’s offers end-to-end, application-focused, site reliability engineering services to ensure hyper-agility, high availability, zero disruption, and control over your cloud landscape.

Incident Management

Ensure the right processes, procedures and tools are in place to dynamically recognize, respond, and effectively address critical IT incidents.

Proactive Support

With automated proactive monitoring of service level indicators, predict service degradation and deliver reactive responses, as a preventive measure.

Implement Observability

Along with IT-focused SLIs, bring in outside-in monitoring to measure business-focused outcomes like customer experience.

Audit & Assurance

Assess SLOs and SLIs (Service-Level Objectives and Indicators) and implement monitoring alerts that can help in reducing MTTD (Mean Time To Detect).

Setup Self-healing Systems

Avoid data loss, system downtime, and lost business opportunities with a customized, automated, and always-on system.

Track & Control Toil

Automate availability monitoring, risk detection and real time alert notification so that nothing falls through the crack.

Our Expertise

End-to-end Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Services

We support a variety of use cases

Monitoring & Operational Intelligence

Provisioning & Orchestration
Site Reliability Engineering
Application Performance Management (Apm)
Optimization Services

SRE & DevOps Process & Responsibilities

Continous integration – Continous Deployment – Continous Delivery – Continous Operations
Deployed in any cloud and costomer locations

Service management and SRE intersect

Our Technology Stack Overview

The new generation of infrastructure management technologies promises to transform the way we manage IT infrastructure. At iVedha we help clients use these technologies to jump on the transformation bandwagon and be compliant.

Our Methodology

Our cloud management & operations offerings

iVedha’s commitment to “Cloud Done Right” is the foundation for our fully serviced Cloud Management and Operations offerings. This is based on the understanding that companies are looking for the answers to identified challenges in their cloud migration and adoption requirements.

Our SRE services are designed to take in both the cloud journey and the level of maturity an entity has — from initial assessment and business optimization strategies to launching cloud initiatives and automating defined processes and requirements within the cloud platform itself. The framework that we create from our end-to-end assessment within the Support/SRE Implementation Process Flow – availability, durability, throughput, latency, traffic, error rate and saturation.

This Process Flow Includes

Identification of Service Level Indicators & Service Level Objectives

These include key tenets such as:

  • Auto provisioning
  • 24/7 monitoring and availability
  • Scaling and capacity planning
  • Timely patching
  • Incident response mechanism

Instrumentation Requirements

Measured against the best industry practices

Creation & Integration of Visibility Dashboards Within the Process

Establishing an SLA with customers that is predicated on promises made and adherence to required KPIs

SRE Toolkit

Why iVedha

We leverage a core-flex delivery model powered by highly efficient Site Reliability Engineers from our Cloud and Platform Engineering COE. Our managed services include industry-standard tooling and cloud native services for monitoring, backup, patching, and log management. We also include 24×7 monitoring with service integration, automated resolutions and centralized dashboard

We perform a security audit of your current landscape, identify security gaps and implement security tools and policies to improve the overall security posture on all the layers for cloud

We identify scope for cost optimization and implement the changes, leveraging our cloud partnerships. We also leverage technology and service accelerators to lower deployment costs

Over 10+ years of automation experience, highly involved in developing accelerators, and automation of cloud service deployment


The Outcomes We Deliver

iVedha’s SRE services allow companies to turn their cloud infrastructure into competitive advantage

Cost Savings

Trade capital expense for variable expense; leverage pay-as-you-go model

Enhanced Security & Compliance

Advanced cybersecurity and compliance management

Operational Efficiency

Server less application strategy, migration from monolithic to microservices architecture, advanced analytics and AI/ML cloud management, plus IT support

Enhanced Scalability & Reliability

Centralized monitoring, integrated Disaster Recovery, near-zero outage operations