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iVedha Technology Services Stack

Scale. Agility. Modernization. Uptime. Compliance. Governance.

There’s already a lot on your mind as a business owner. With these growth challenges ahead of you, it is imperative that you work with professionals who can manage your cloud, infrastructure, security and operations. iVedha has a proven track record with cloud migrations, native development, DevOps and data/analytics platforms across all major providers. iVedha delivers customer outcomes with a unique set of people, accelerators and reference models which lowers the risk of transition and maximizes capability outcomes on infrastructure. The continuous commitment we have to training, keeps our people and approach fresh in this rapidly changing area.

Too Many Clouds. No Silver Lining?

One cloud for infra. Another for applications. A third for customer servicing? Sounds familiar? We understand the challenges that enterprises face while adopting and moving to the cloud. As experts in the Hybrid Cloud space, iVedha can help you manage, monitor and manipulate your way through all the odds that any cloud setup throws at your business.

Innovation Minus the Downtimes

Welcome to an era where agility meets on-demand innovation. The DevOps practice at iVedha is targeted to do just that. With cutting edge SRE, your products and services can go-to-market being assured of quality and measurable reliability. It is time to marry development and operations with modern DevOps/SRE.

Are Microservices
Your Kind of Thing?

Product and service delivery platforms are effectively leveraging the power of microservices to couple individually operative functions to scale without delivery interruption. If you’re exploring modernizing your legacy application or building a new product or app from scratch, a microservices architecture based model is the answer.

Talent Management
A Challenge No More

Recruiting, training and retaining talent is perhaps the most underrated business management areas ever spoken of. However, we believe differently. If businesses adopt a strategic and engaging way to keep your growth-oriented resource pool adept with the latest in the industry and aligned with your business goals, managing your talent will be easier.

Anything as a Service

Distributed is the way forward. If there’s any contemporary solution in the making, the technology behind it has to be robust enough to support volatile consumption needs. To be on the cloud, and to be available at all times are the topmost requirements of today’s millennial tech-savvy generation. Be it infrastructure, software, networks or disaster recovery – Anything-as-a-Service, or XaaS as it is termed, is here to stay!

Your Product Engineering Partner

iVedha offers application, product and tool development making use of the latest developments from emerging technologies. Our expertise lies in Managed Cloud Services, DevOps, Code Refactoring, and more. We at iVedha are extremely adept at designing solutions as per your requirements and specifications. If you are considering building a solution from the ground up, talk to our technical experts today!

About iVedha

400 +
Years of Combined
Talent Pool
100 %
Growth In The Last
Two Years
100 +
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Resource Pool
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Over Two Decades of Cloud Proficiency

iVedha’s Cloud Computing Practice transcends three decades of continuously adopting and improving skills in the Cloud space. We have grown from being a basic Systems Integrator in the early 2000s to housing the capabilities that drive value innovation with contemporary cloud business models.

Our Cloud Evolution Journey

2000 - 2010

Professional Services
Staff Augmentation

2010 - 2020

Early Cloud Adopters
Early Docker Adopters


Site Reliability Engineering

Toward Tomorrow

Platform Vendor Agnostic
Open-source tech for hybrid world

Open Source for the Now and Next

Let’s face it. No business likes to get locked in with traditional solutions and platforms. Open Source offers both flexibility and cost-effectiveness that can help organizations, both consumer-facing as well as enterprise-grade, build technology solutions rapidly. The added advantage of products and services being architected on Open Source applications is that they give the option to integrate into legacy systems while accelerating innovation for future-ready business requirements.

iVedha’s Open Source Edge

Designed for
Hybrid World

Develop Anything.
Deploy Anywhere.

No Vendor


Our Thought-Leadership

Security is typically distinct from other technical teams, such as development, operations, networking, IT, etc. …

Security information and event management (SIEM) combines the most beneficial aspects of security information management …

Presently, digital transformation in banking is reshaping the financial landscape. In a globalized economy, it …

Recognitions & Accolades

Your Cloud Companion

You need much more than a team that just monitors your cloud investments. iVedha offers a comprehensive array of cloud services to manage growth, mitigate risks, ensure compliance, and more.

The DevOps Evolution

The role of DevOps is constantly expanding. iVedha’s DevOps services span various technology delivery models to offer businesses the agility they need to go to market faster with more accuracy.