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How Does Microsoft 365 Cloud Data Protection Work?

Cyber attackers do not discriminate; small businesses are just as susceptible as large enterprises. But according to research, almost 60% of small and medium-sized businesses said they didn’t feel ready to keep up with cybersecurity hygiene.

With a Microsoft 365 license, Microsoft Defender for cloud apps is a standard security app. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps is a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) that works on multiple clouds. CASB can be on-site or in the cloud. CASB ensures that the business’s data security and privacy policies are followed.

Microsoft Defender for cloud apps gives enterprises the following services:

  • Protection from threats:

Protect the whole organization from cyber-attacks.

  • Visibility:

Microsoft Defender keeps track of all the people in an organization who use cloud apps and services.

  • Data Security:

Find out if critical and sensitive information is in the cloud. Keep this information safe from hackers, data breaches, and other cyber-attacks.

  • Governance:

Create proactive or reactive policies for app and user patterns and behaviors, and ensure users don’t use apps that don’t follow the rules or are detrimental.

Real-time gatekeeping and shadow IT

Shadow IT is a concept for any technology used by employees or departments without the organization’s permission. Shadow IT is a serious security risk for many companies because employees may use third-party apps and services and cause security and compliance problems without knowing it.

Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps can aid in the detection of Shadow IT. It records all of this information and gives each app and service a risk score based on its database of more than 16,000 apps. Then, it lets a real-time gatekeeping function stop employees from using certain apps and services. It can help you improve your blacklists.

Custom Policy Administration

Microsoft Defender for Cloud makes security recommendations to help keep your systems and environment safe. These suggestions are based on the best practices of the industry, which is part of the default security policy that all customers get.

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention (DLP) allows you to monitor the actions being taken on items you’ve determined to be sensitive and helps prevent the unintentional sharing of those items. These policies can be implemented in non-Microsoft apps and services as well.

App Control for Conditional Access

Microsoft Defender provides exceptional protection against online cyber threats and malicious attacks. Continuously monitors apps and services for suspicious behavior and activity.

Access and session controls in Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps work with both apps from the Cloud app catalog and custom apps. Conditional Access App Control helps you track and control a user’s app access and sessions in real-time based on access and session policies.

Regulatory Compliance

Microsoft Defender for the Cloud continuously evaluates the configuration of your resources against industry standards, laws, and benchmarks. The regulatory compliance dashboard provides insights into your compliance posture based on how well you’re meeting particular compliance standards.

Microsoft Defender complies with a number of worldwide and industry-specific compliance requirements, including HIPAA, ISO 9001, and PCI DSS. These compliance criteria provide uniform and consistent protection practices at all organizational levels.

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