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Why Do You Need Penetration Testing?

Testing the components of your IT environment is a continuous and often daunting task. Understanding the latest attack techniques and testing and assessing your defences against those attacks is critical to improving your cybersecurity posture.

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Identify vulnerabilities in your IT environment in
real time


Understand the latest attack techniques and
take actions

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Assess your defences against cyber threats & strengthen data security

iVedha Penetration Testing Helps Organizations to


Start Testing Faster

Launch pen tests in days, not weeks, with our intuitive SaaS platform and team of on-demand security experts

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Remediate Risk Smarter

 Accelerate find-to-fix cycles through technology integrations
and real-time.


Make Security Stronger

Mature your security program through a scalable, data-driven approach
to pen-testing

Find the Test that is Right for Your Business

Zero Cost Vulnerability Assessment


Find the Test that is Right for Your Business

Zero Cost Vulnerability Assessment


Our Penetration Testing Session Includes

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A complete security vulnerability scanning

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A detailed report of our

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A documented guide to mitigating known website security vulnerabilities

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Industry experts and
professional service

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Our 4-Step Approach to Vulnerability Assessment


Initial Planning

As the first step, we would identify the scope of the vulnerability assessment and acquire the necessary information on the targets (Le, networks, applications, and systems) to understand the risk associated with them.



We would perform vulnerability scans on the targets in both unauthenticated and authenticated means. During the process, the components that are accessible to external users via the internet would be assessed to understand how an attacker could exploit them.


Vulnerability Analysis

We would analyze the vulnerabilities detected to identify the potential business impact of these vulnerabilities as well as quantify these vulnerabilities to mark their severity and then devise the remediation approach for each of these vulnerabilities.



In this final step, we would document the vulnerabilities discovered, the threat ranking of the vulnerabilities (based on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposure), and the risk associated with them as well as the mitigation approach.

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Benefits of Penetration Testing

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1. Assurance

You can increase your risk assurance with the aid of
penetration testing.

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2. Cost Effectiveness

Take advantage of a Managed Security Testing agreement
and see an even better ROI.

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3. Compliance

Our Managed Security Testing can help you achieve or maintain compliance.

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4. Continuous Improvement

With Managed Security Testing, you will be entitled to a continuous security improvement cycle.

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