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Sr. DevOps Specialist


We are seeking a Sr. DevOps Specialist who is an expert with at least 5 years experience in
continuous delivery pipelines and in infrastructure automation technologies. This is for someone with a
strong and successful track record of 5 + years solving hard problems using out-of-the-box thinking.


 Automation first mentality
 Experience with automating builds and releases (CI/CD), configuration management,
Infrastructure as
 code.
 Strong Experience in
 Python & Shell scripting (at least 3+ years)
 Ansible (at least 3+ years)
 Web and application server frameworks (e.g. Tomcat, Apache HTTP)
 Software development / API Development/ Virtual infrastructure domains and continuous
 integration environment through platform such as Jenkins. Work in an agile environment,
 delivering incremental product functionality in short iterations.
 Apigee API Platform / IBM Bluemix / SOAP / RESET API Knowledge and understanding
 DevOps tools such as Chef, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible Tower, Concourse, Packer, Hashi
 Corp Vault.
 Orchestration and automation tools such as Puppet, Salt, Chef.
 ELK, Dynatrace NewRelic , DataDog
 Enhancing system scalability and efficiency through the application of dynamic provisioning
 and managed services to adaptively manage processing loads
 Being a strong problem-solver with good communication and collaboration skills
 Optimizing applications for maximum speed and scalability
 Being flexible, a self-starter, and a fast-learne

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