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At The Crux of
Better Application

Gone are the days of Stop. Fix. Restart.

Being in business in modern ecosystems means possessing the ability to continuously develop, integrate, monitor and fix code on the fly – so that new features and capabilities can be incorporated on the fly – without shuttling that billable coding resource between operations and hardcore development. Yes, we see your challenges just the way you do!

DevOps SRE

Fewer Incidents, Better Performance with Unmatched Agility

With iVedha’s DevOps SRE Practice, businesses can experience a drastic increase in the adoption of incremental change to any product or service running in your organization without impacting the overall performance of its systems. Our SRE experts adopt a measured approach, keeping in mind operational SLAs and optimal metrics across various systems and functions – delivering continuous improvement to keep your business running smoothly.

What We Offer

Automation and Release Engineering

Automation lies at the heart of our SRE practice. By identifying processes and systems that can be automated, we take away monotony and room for manual error. Additionally, in order to expedite the entire release and delivery process, we build a set of SOPs and predefined methodology to ensure both code integrity and continuous release. Our best practices and tools help keep the focus on the end-customer while maintaining total operational control at every release – making it mode procedural, consistent, effective and more reliable.

Chaos Engineering

Disruption – we’ve come to embrace this word in the world of technology. It also finds a powerful place in development, management, and operations of business systems. In order to see how resilient your processes and infrastructure are, SRE Experts at iVedha perform what is known as ‘Chaos Engineering’. With disruption comes unexpected challenges. Chaos Engineering tests all your tech systems’ behavior and their response to adverse operational conditions – ensuring improved performance during any unforeseen crisis.

Infrastructure as Code

Real estate is expensive. No one wants to keep investing in bigger servers and data centers. Infrastructure-as-a-code (IaC) is taking the center stage with almost superhero-like features – doing all the heavy lifting in infrastructure management using pure code. IaC is a modular practice to manage configuration information of your systems. The IaC approach helps templatize the provisioning of infrastructure, making it easily accessible while giving it a collaborative edge across your team – almost like a guidebook for easy infrastructure management.


Ensuring Integrity in the Race To Finish

DevOps teams are typically highly focused on moving from development to release and back. Throwing security in the mix need not always stall these efforts. Doing so only improves the longevity, robustness, and integrity of your products and services against threats and vulnerabilities. At iVedha, we practice Cybersecurity-as-a-Service as a part of our DevSecOps Service, offering proactive intrusion detection, remediation, and prevention from future threats.

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Our DevSecOps Portfolio of Services


Endpoint protection services

Proactive Security Hardening

Threat Management & Avoidance


Intrusion Detection

SIEM Solutions

Cloud-based Security

Cloud-based Security Monitoring


Vulnerability Assessment & Remediation

Breach Forensic & Fortification

Identity & Access Management Solutions

PCI Compliance Assistance

ISO Risk Assessment (270001, 27005)

Got DevOps but worried about that lurking cyber attack? We’ve got your back

Unleash the power of continuous security enabled development and production environments with DevSecOps from iVedha

AI/ML DevOps

The Future has Moved from Smart to Intelligent. Have Your Operations?

With products and services rapidly adopting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into their very core, consumers expect their updates and service upgrades to be at the same speed, too. If your DevOps backing futuristic products/services, built on emerging technologies such as AI and ML, does not offer well-oiled pipelines, your business runs a risk of a major operational setback.

Why AI/ML DevOps?

There’s more than one reason why contemporary solutions should look for investments in AI/ML DevOps. Some challenges include expansive datasets and changing end-customer dynamics and behavior. With AI/ML Ops, businesses can focus on delivering features faster without sacrificing continuity of operations. DevOps in an AI/ML environment includes training of ML models in an offline environment, which are eventually integrated into the live production systems.

Benefits of iVedha AI/ML DevOps

Optimize Team


Accelerate Time-to-

Improve Governance
and Compliance

Let us help you build an Intelligent Operations Ecosystem