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Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) on Microsoft Azure Cloud with iVedha
Ensure uninterrupted business continuity and data protection, recovery at the highest availability, 24/7/365

Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) on Microsoft Azure Cloud with iVedha

Ensure uninterrupted business continuity
and data protection, recovery at the highest availability, 24/7/365

Road to Uncompromised Security and Continuity: Architect a Smart BCP on the Azure Cloud

Cloud-based Disaster Recovery is a reliable strategy to overcome downtimes and improve recovery periods via automated administration. iVedha’s best-in-class DR-as-a-Service is designed to keep enterprises safe from disasters and unforeseen circumstances. DRaaS on Azure is designed to help enterprises get uninterrupted services. It also adds invaluable resilience to enterprise workloads, databases, and operations.

Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is replicating and hosting physical and virtual servers, databases, applications, and workloads on the Microsoft Cloud that are implemented and fully managed by iVedha. The DR framework across multiple regions or cloud availability zones ensures high availability and zero data loss irrespective of circumstances. This unique capability ensures that all enterprise IT workloads and databases are synchronized and auto-copied across multiple locations with varying degrees of military-grade security and connectivity.

Blueprinting Operational Resilience and Business Continuity on the Azure Cloud: Implemented and Managed by iVedha

72% of businesses are unable to meet their expectations for IT Disaster Recovery.

iVedha has provided Disaster Recovery as service solutions to companies worldwide. The unique Disaster Recovery architecture for maximum availability and near-zero downtime is implemented for zero loss and null disruption outcomes. DRaaS with Azure is cost-effective, delivering best-in-class benefits over many traditional models. With Azure DRaaS, you’ll avoid unnecessary expenses like buying and licensing your servers, hardware, and software. With iVedha, you’ll also cut down on maintenance expenses

Azure Cloud-based Disaster Recovery model has gained immense popularity among enterprises because it offers high availability storage, networking and file synchronization, auto data replication, duplication properties, and automated backup and recovery. Businesses can implement it in their architecture irrespective of their ecosystem size, complexity, and differences across locations of presence.

Azure DRaaS: The Key Business Benefits


Recovery Orchestration and Fastest Activation

Data Loss

Azure Compliant

Non-Intrusive DR Testing at Regular Intervals

Complete Visibility Into Your Backup And Server Environments

Invest in DR Strategy on Azure Cloud

Minimal Downtime

With iVedha Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service, businesses can limit their exposure to downtime and data loss for mission-critical applications. Azure Disaster Recovery provides advanced features that can eradicate downtime exponentially.

Avoid Data Loss

Loss of data will not only cause financial harm but will also destroy your market reputation. Rarely can businesses recover from such problems? Using Azure Disaster Recovery Strategy, you can ensure that not even the tiniest amount of data is lost during a disaster, regardless of the type of threat.

Lower Opex

The fact that Azure DR Solution from iVedha provides cost-effective methods without sacrificing quality is a key factor in its popularity. With us, businesses can also benefit from the pay-per-use approach. It is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing the entire suite. It imposes no restrictions on their expansion, and they can modify to full capacity anytime necessary.


Business interruption harms business growth and employee productivity. Events like floods, fires, earthquakes, and even artificial errors can halt internal and external operations. A Disaster Recovery setup would ensure that your operations continue without pausing your business. It will also allow a better transition between the cohesive business units to get back on track.

Protect Mission Critical Applications

Azure Cloud Disaster Recovery strategy offers best-in-class security and high-standard compliance related to cryptographic algorithms, key management, and data encryption. iVedha and our team of experts safeguard mission-critical applications while minimizing interruption of critical processes.

Connect with our Disaster Recovery experts for more information on Azure DRaaS

Develop The Best Azure Disaster Recovery Strategy

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and an Azure Expert, iVedha understands your business requirements. We hold long-term expertise in developing a Disaster Recovery planning strategy on Azure tailored to address specific and situational operational needs. It is designed to keep the criticality of data and applications, RTO, and RPO requirements in mind. 

Expertise with Azure Native DR Solutions

Azure Backup

Streamlining data protection at cost-effective returns Azure Site Recovery.

Azure Site Recovery

Designing and running a cloud-
native DRaaS.

Azure Archive Storage

Archive databases on the cloud
at economical prices

True ownership and tailored solutions by iVedha

iVedha embodies only the best practices to leverage the cloud for Disaster Recovery. From implementing, configuring, maintaining, and testing, we give you fully-managed DRaaS, so your IT resources don’t have to worry. We provide you with the platform, tools, documentation, and process management to support goals and guarantee restoration up until the primary site, post-DR.

Failover Assistance

iVedha’s highly specialized team would help you plan the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) for greater agility. We put a digital strategy in place by codifying the steps that enable enterprises to withstand unexpected outages. Failover from your data center to Azure cloud or, if your production workloads are already in Azure cloud, we use cloud-to-cloud replication to another cloud environment in a different location.

We provide customized DR solutions based on the criticality and impact on the business of each workload while assuring an End-to-End ownership and SLA-based commitments for predictable results, including recovery during DR times and resumption after DC stabilization.

Invest in DR Strategy on Azure Cloud

iVedha End-to-End
Disaster Recovery
Services on the Azure Cloud

iVedha’s unique workload management platform supports multiple cloud and hybrid deployment scenarios irrespective of configurations and applications. iVedha has an upper hand when it comes to DR solutions built on the Azure cloud.

Automated Solutions for Disaster Recovery

iVedha’s Azure DRaaS Model provides tailored and multi-tenant software integrated with our managed services platform. You will also find the advantage of fully-customizable orchestration for applications, DB recovery over the cloud, or enterprise DR.

iVedha empowers customers to manage and monitor the application recovery with automated switchovers and DR drills. You can also enable the DR capability and carry out the related operations, which include DR drill or actual failover testing. Through these capabilities, you can also ensure that all the tools are updated as and when new Azure features are released.

Consulting Services for Designing the BCP and DR approach

  • iVedha team works with business owners to assessment their current scenario and define the best BCP and DR approach for their various workloads
  • Architecture planning
  • Proof Of Concept
  • Azure Onboarding
  • Design and Plan High Availability Architecture

Replication support

  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Azure Native and Industry leading 3rd Party tools

Total Ownership

  • Implementation
  • Manage Entries Applications
  • Evaluations
  • Performance Tuning
  • Built High Availability Architecture
  • Restoration up till the primary site post DR

Cloud and Platform modernization

  • Current-State Analysis Report
  • Automation Implementation Plans
  • Benchmarked Baseline

End-to-End Managed Services

  • 24/7 monitoring of DR set up with Ownership of DR SLA
  • Focused and efficient delivery from technologies/services based centres of Excellence

Cost Optimized

  • DR on demand model enables Pay only when you use options for the enterprise

Continuous Improvement

  • Robust Change and Learning Management Process
  • 2 Drill per annum with simulation of DR events


Cloud Platform Native
(Snapshots in Multi region, Object storage replicas in Cross Region, Extended Cluster for Microservices)

OEM Certified Replication Tools
(SQL Always on, Log Shipping, SRS, HRS, Oracle Data Gaurd, File Sync)

DRaaS - 24*7 Global and Regional Support

iVedha helps deploy your web presence across Azure availability zones, high availability clusters in the green (group) datacenters, and pods set up globally so that if a primary location ever goes offline, a secondary location will kick into action in a manner that seamless and transparent. The end-user experience is parred excellence, and businesses never skip a beat.