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Multi Cloud

Multi-Cloud Connectivity Equals Enterprise Efficiency

Multi-cloud is gaining more traction every passing day for enterprises. While the idea has been there for many years, the lingering questions of seamless interoperability and complexities often pushed organizations from adopting them in a full-fledged manner. But the pandemic…

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Cost Efficiency

Here is how Cloud Managed Services supports cost-efficiency

Enterprises deploy new and existing applications on the cloud to optimize application delivery and support strategic business objectives for cost rationalization, innovation, and agility. As the cloud becomes integral to an enterprise's digital transformation journey, they are increasingly adopting a…

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Effective Strategies for Cloud Automation

Every aspect of our life is being transformed by cloud-based tools. Changing consumer demands and digital transformation in business have made automation an integral part of every business. Automation is a cost optimizer. It is a reducer of toil in…

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What is an API Strategy and an API first Approach?

The “API Economy” driven by APIs in the digital ecosystem enables digital transformation and business agility. A sound API strategy can foster innovation and collaboration and help provide exceptional customer service. APIs and SDKs can alter a dynamic business environment…

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Balancing Innovation And Reliability In Product Development

Nowadays, the competition among companies to develop novel products has increased. Companies undertake continuous integration of existing products with new features. To maintain advances, teams practice continuous deployment and continuous delivery of new versions or iterations of products. Product development is a lengthy process and requires…

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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Observability

What is a multi-cloud environment?  A multi-cloud environment usually refers to the use of multiple public infrastructures as a service (IaaS) environments such as Amazon web services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google clouds, and others. A 2019 Gartner survey of public…

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